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Requirements for Pathfinders at MGHS

Enrollment and Attendance Requirements


Students should have computer and internet access at home or accessibility to local libraries with computers and the internet. 

Students are required to complete 25 hours of online/offline (1500 minutes as tracked by Schools PLP) work each week (Monday-Friday).

Students are required to complete 50 (minimum) online lessons each week.

Students are required to attend school for two hours--Mon-Thurs from 1-3 pm.

            NOTE: Students must attend school all four days Mon-Thurs from 1-3 pm.

Students must check-in with their MENTOR teacher daily.

Students are required to complete "OFFLINE" activities forms each week while attending school.


Students will adhere to all MGHS and SUSD rules and policies while attending Pathfinders on MGHS's campus.


Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in students being dropped from the program.